Meet the Operating Committee of the Parade of Homes

Our second annual Parade of Homes is scheduled for 2020. These are the people who are working hard to make the next event happen.

Marc Nicholson
Keith Sumner
Tommy Wosyluk
Rachel Nicholson
Kevin Teague
Ron Lomonaco
Charlie Sisson
Don Clement
Travis Coleman
Nichole Nicholson
Terry Lee Wilson
Buzz Quintrell
Chris Cowart
Christine Wosyluk
Laura Sisson

2020 Operating Committee

Back row left to right: Keith Sumner, Buzz Quintrell, Mark Nicholson, Travis Coleman, Terry Wilson, Chris Cowart,
Tommy Wosyluk, Charlie Sisson, Ron Lomonaco, Kevin Teague.

Front row left to right: Nicole Nicholson, Rachel Nicholson, Christine Wosyluk, Laura Sisson

Not Pictured: Don Clement

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